On April 28 and 30 2005, Natela Nicoli sang the role of Hedwig (The Rhine Nixies) in St. Pölten.

The production of "Cankarjev Dom" (Culture and Congress Centre) in Ljubljana was the first scenic revival of J. Offenbach's romantic antiwar Opera "Die Rheinnixen" since 1864.


Salvation through a beautiful vocal performance:
Natela Nicoli as Mutter Hedwig

"There was one truly outstanding performance: that of Natela Nicoli in the part of Mutter Hedwig. We know the Georgian mezzo-soprano from Graz and from the Volksoper in Vienna, and pay tribute to the excellent development of her top-quality voice, her strong presence on stage, and her dramatic talent."

(Der Neue Merker, Mai 2005, S. Pfabigan)

"...Natela Nicoli's magnificent mezzo voice and Sasa Cano's bass voice crown this impressive quintet."

(Wiener Zeitung, 15.01.2005, O. Tonkli)

"Natela Nicoli (Hedwig) is a brilliant singer. Her voice is crystalline, full of character and narrative. She dominates both voice and scene, because she is a great actress too…"

(DELO, 15.01.2005, Pavel Mihelcic)

"Remarkable Natela Nicoli as Hedwig ..."

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 19.01.2005)

"Natela Nicoli has a velvety-dark mezzo voice..."

(Kleine Zeitung Kärnten, 16.01.2005)

"In der Rolle der Hedwig trat in beiden Besetzungen gesanglich solide, mit einer dunkleren Stimmfarbe, darstellerisch jedoch rührend der georgische Mezzosopran Natela Nicoli."

(Finance, 18.01.2005, Stanislav Kobar)


"Der georgische Gastsängerin Natela Nicoli gelang die Rolle der charismatisch liebenden, in der Jugend hintergegangenen Mutter sehr gut."

(Vecer, 18.01.2005, Bodgan Ucakar)